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Photographer & videographer, foodie and a classically trained pianist from Germany.


What's poppin'?

My name is Duc, also known as Lewinston. I am a content creator from Germany who is currently residing in Sydney, Australia. I love being outdoors, exploring fine architecture, good restaurants and capturing the little but meaningful moments of life. As a post-graduated cultural scientist (M.A.) and pianist, I try to incorporate artistic influences into my works without, however, making any technical concessions. 

Technically demanding and yet artistic – That's my credo and promise to you. 


Christin Necker // Chance to Grow e.V. // Coodiny // Hauser Exkursionen International GmbH // Hiroko Regensburg // Lennardt Loß // Luiza Doll // Netwunder // Oberhessische Presse // Ruddy Estevez (Super Talent Finalist) // Sakura Halle // Sakura Magdeburg // Sen Viet Magdeburg // TEDx // Umami Berlin 


Antenne Bayern // Croatia Week // // FAZ // FAZ Magazin // Go Montenegro // Instamarrakech // Insta Montenegro // Laos Explorers // Urlaubsguru // Vietnam Travelers // Visit Frankfurt // WANDRD

Why me? 

I understand what brands and companies need, after all, I have a strong corporate background myself. It is not always about creating unique content on its own, this is one side of the medal, but also about using it to place oneself correctly on the market. Having an external creator with creative talents combined with experience in content marketing can be very crucial for a brand that is struggling in either one or both of these fields. 

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